Monday, July 28, 2008

ATC Beeswax fun

These are a few beeswax ATC's made for a swap on one of my YAHOO groups. The neat thing about the beeswax is the way it changes the whole look of the papers! It is like a mystery until you add the beeswax. I did glue all the papers down first, then added the beeswax with my clover iron (LOVE IT! ). Napkins work great and so does tinted and patterned vellum.
Love this technique!

Row houses ala Cathee

These were so fun to make and I really enjoyed coming up with the sayings on them. I cut up an old book and had a blast..I call it the re-words, words recycled!I know,I know not to clever,a journalist I am not an Artist I AM! These are going out to Trish Bayley for a swap..bye bye England you go!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Royal Princess

If I were the princess I would make eating chocolate for breakfast lunch and dinner mandatory throughout my lands. AND Coffee flowing in a fountain- fresh and dark with a touch of creme. MMMMMM....... I like being princess!