Monday, December 27, 2021

the art of letting go

 Ways to let go and trust God

loosen your grip

drop it

walk away

give it up

accept the answer

say goodbye


turn away

What to let go of

bad emotions

bad people

criticism of self and others

things that don't work

things you don't need

things that take up space

things that don't fit you, or your life,

right to be right or right to  have an answer

finding perfect

fear of failure

This is my year to Let Go - praciticing letting go, and do it.

Friday, October 8, 2021

62. Birthday 10/7/2021

Feeling pretty perfect today.  Wonderful home life, beautiful living. Making everyday count.
Blessed with an amazing husband that supports me in soul,spirit and mind! My precious animals that are a comfort and joy, a family that is funny ,loving and always a phone call or text away, grand children that warm my heart daily, a small group of amazing friends near and far, food on my table, nature out my door. And most of all God is in it
 all  ......everyday ..always good ,faithful and forever my guide. 


Sunday, September 12, 2021

A few of the past.

 The many mixed media faces from last few years. Seeing my style emerging  and growing

New direction

Giving figurative painting a try.  Realy enjoy the vintage
 look of this one. Very DowntonAbbey like❤

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Another try at a new look.

A walk in the woods. 12X12. On etsy. #catartnsoul


Spring and my muse is back

 been a very uncreative time for me this winter. Covid blues perhaps,back pain issues or sadness over the events in the news. Art is my healer so I did some­čśü, I just got out paint and went for it. Took a few weeks but feeling more creative as spring arrives. 

Used a "Kees Van Dogen" as inspiration. In my journal. Felt wonderful to paint. I think I will continue to be inspired by the famous artist I adore. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Perspectives and possibliites

find the possibilities in the perspective- you are brave, you can make it.
find the small thing, the good thing, the miracle in life. Hold on to that and stop looking around at the big stuff. Use the viewfinder of love and hope. You are amazing, the world around us is a miracle, wake up and be you.

some days make no sense, they can only be meant to help you grow, learn and
 continue in the Light of the Lord who never leaves us or forsakes us. Things look better in the morning light of fresh days ahead. 

                                                     LIVE  EVERY DAY WITH INTENTION