Sunday, May 2, 2021

Another try at a new look.

A walk in the woods. 12X12. On etsy. #catartnsoul


Spring and my muse is back

 been a very uncreative time for me this winter. Covid blues perhaps,back pain issues or sadness over the events in the news. Art is my healer so I did some😁, I just got out paint and went for it. Took a few weeks but feeling more creative as spring arrives. 

Used a "Kees Van Dogen" as inspiration. In my journal. Felt wonderful to paint. I think I will continue to be inspired by the famous artist I adore. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Perspectives and possibliites

find the possibilities in the perspective- you are brave, you can make it.
find the small thing, the good thing, the miracle in life. Hold on to that and stop looking around at the big stuff. Use the viewfinder of love and hope. You are amazing, the world around us is a miracle, wake up and be you.

some days make no sense, they can only be meant to help you grow, learn and
 continue in the Light of the Lord who never leaves us or forsakes us. Things look better in the morning light of fresh days ahead. 

                                                     LIVE  EVERY DAY WITH INTENTION

New journal pages 2021

Could it be possible that a new year is here. Pondering what to say, feel like I must weigh the feeling of intention I want to express. JOY is the word. Whether or not this year brings an end to all of the clatter of 2020, I will find joy or it will find me. 

Courage to see the year begin to unfold in all its colorful pieces, collage expressions I will Make it. I will make art and will make it through this year with courage and beauty. Creating,loving,listening,caring and sometimes hangin by a thread of faith

 this is my verse. Always always always looking for the Lord to guide. Even when I look back He lifts my eyes to the one who makes all things good again. Hopeful and peaceful .

Sunday, January 10, 2021

2021- new year ahead


The Bluebird is the universally acknowledged sign of happiness, joy, prosperity, as well as good health and the arrival of spring. The beautiful blue of its plumage is connected with the sky, as well as with eternal happiness. 

With a new year well on its way it is time to make some decisions for my new journal. I am going to use an altered old 2019 calendar desk appt book. So far I have started and stopped and ripped it out three times. I think I feel this year needs a good first page to launch in the right direction. AS IF that will do anything! So I think I will start with the phrase "just be "  My word for this year is joy and my animal for this year seems to be the blue bird- Each time I see one it brings me joy. I intend to spend more time in nature this year and just be. In my spiritual life I am reading "beloved mess" by Kimm Crandall  - my challenge is to accept that Gods Grace in Christ covers all of my flaws and there is nothing that will separate me from his love. 

Thursday, December 31, 2020

The year in my art world

This year has seen a lot of princess warriors with words of wisdom

Some angels small and mighty. Bringing tidings of joy and peace to a chaotic world
Then appeared more whimsical girls. Gifts of gold and amber
Strong bold woman  ready to take on the world

Keeping a watch on all Gods creatures 

Taking back the heart of the world. Calming, accepting ,peaceful

Truth speaks loudly but
It has to be spoken from the heart

Truth must be spoken in peace and love from a heart that will not harm. Peace from God which passes understanding.
Small joys and blessings abound.

 we must take time to look for the small joys in the day. Even when not right in front of your face

Always ready to be there when you need it

Nature has so much to give. Beauty all around tiny creatures kept safe by care and love.

as 2020 comes to an end tonight  I begin where I started. With a Loving God, Savior and Holy spirit
 that guides me. Even when I take wrong turns or my own ways. Peace to all and may the Joy of God dwell in your heart forever. It does mine❤

Peace be with you. The joy of Christ dwell in your heart. Welcome 2021

May the season be always in your heart and mind!

Merry Christmas and Blessings on the New Year. 

 quiet blissful nights by fire with hubby and kitties. Movies. Movies and snacking 

The night of the Christmas star, walked down to the ocean by Skull Creek. Perfect evening then went for a ride to see the lights of the neighborhood.  Home to peace and calm. 

Christmas morning slow and cozy, always time for kitties to have fun in wrappings, joy to watch grands on FaceTime. Still big kids❤. Lots of surprise gifts and more good food. Blessed. 


Syd and jet on FaceTime. What a different year. All are well. Blessings abound. Prayers for those whose loved ones have passed. Times are difficult in our world.