Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Journal continues...

Decided to make my new journal  be the things the Lord has taught me and the things He has done for me.Will continue to work on it and use it as a devotional also. These will be snippets of the most powerful things that have changed my life and still guide my steps...His Words,others words and my prayers back to Him.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New art journal ,,,,

Decided the theme of my new journal will be all about me, so starting with my initials on the front.... now what to put on the first page!!! be continued later this week!        

Saturday, September 17, 2011

cooler days ,longer nights...

SO thankful the cooler days are here for a bit. the weather outside this summer has been frightful to say the least,all though we have had no hurricanes it is the heat that has driven me in doors. tonight ,finally sitting here with the doors open and screens letting in the cool sweet smells of autumn. i hope this means i will get a little creative soon...have you ever had one of those times you just think about projects but do not have the will to sit and start??? and i even have new stuff in the art room to play with. i imagine the cooler days will inspire me as does the fall colors.....

Monday, September 5, 2011

multitude mondays

I have been very negligent of  posting  my 1,000 gifts so here goes ten more today...LABOR DAY  2011

11.babies that make me laugh-eating ice cream,playing footsie!
12.Gods unlimated gift of His word alive~in my heart on my lips
13. the joy of be- ing a wife
14.rain that is soft
15.candles that smell like vanilla,fresh and new.
16 .new coffee mugs...just the way i like them molded to my hand
17.spandex pants,there i said it..
18.reruns of good ole shows
19.the sound of my husband talking on the phone with a client--patient and strong
20. shopping for new "shewsss" as baby sydney says.