Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lovely gifts!

WONDERFUL ornament from  Michele at nook and cranny blogspot!

Mr Crow!

Christmas swap fun!

tags and arches for a november swap

shabby chic style ornaments with glass glitter

altered shrine for 6 anniversary of Paper Traders

box of vintage goodies heading out to Wendy A.!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

start and finshed!! Art Angel!

 As you can see it has been a transformation! It is so hard to say done when I am creating. No wonder God takes 9 months on us!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

post from past .... still true today!

This side of hope

Dear hope filled readers, what a lovely way to start a letter. Hope Filled. We should all be hope filled even if we are stuck in a situation that has not changed in awhile. How can I say this? Because that is where I pitch my tent, this side of hope, with my tent door open to the future. Not just any future but one in which my life is complete and all the situations have been solved or dissipated by the Glory I will Behold in the face of Christ.The brightness of His glory wiping away every tear I have shed and fading every image of pain I have ever felt. That is where I camp, this side of hope. There are mini hopeful vistas as I stare out of my tent, some situations have truly worked for my good already, others have yet to be revealed,BUT just so you do not think I am telling tale, here is one of my treasures.

I am a women who has never had a child. A painful thing to be sure. I am happily married yet never "blessed" with babies of my own to complete me, or so I thought! God had a better idea! After many years of struggle ,mostly internal,I gave up my desire to have a child and asked the Lord to refill it. He did. He gave me a wonderful ministry to women, 19 amazing nieces and nephews and a fulfilling career helping families diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. AND of course the wonderful world of art. I truly was complete! HOWEVER, God was not done. He went way beyond what I could ask or hope for and has given my husband and me two beautiful grandchildren! That story is archived on my blog http://catartnsoul.blogspot.com/2010/10/punkins-and-dreams.html.

what my hope filled tent would look like!
So you see I truly am hope filled, as Mary's wonderful blog title states. http://www.hopefilledlivingmagazine.com/
 I may not see the rest of my stories fulfilled here on earth with the hope I look for, but I will, because I pitch my tent looking out. Try it with me, the view is much better than the dark valley's we have left behind.HOPE what a wonderful word!

what I would fill my tent with!

and this would light my nights!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest blogger!

I have had one of the most interesting two months lately. First I was published in a local magazine then I got an invitation from the gracious Mary at http://www.hopefilledlivingmagazine.com/  to be a guest blogger. I feel like my 15 minutes of fame has finally come! We casually blog our lives and art on the web never suspecting there is an audience out there that wants to see what we are all about. AMAZING! So tomorrow I will be a guest blogger "how bout them apples" as my daddy would say! So if you are curious to know more about "Cathee", a girl who spells her name funny, tune in tomorrow at Marys blog http://www.hopefilledlivingmagazine.com  ,see you there!