Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Fear

Fear not dear one-God is with you,read this morning that often the Lord allows physical weekness to cure soul weakness. Whenever He wants He can apply the cure,often it is a thorn to live with but what glory it will be one day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Nothing better than summer days and nights! As much as I adore the fall-when summer starts and the days are warm and the nights still have a cool breeze it just makes everybody slow down. I remember as a kid my parents staying out on the porch or in the backyard just talking with the neighbors while we all played tag,caught fireflies or just chased each other. Glad to have those memories. Many summers when my brothers and I get together for the 4th we do the same thing. I will miss that this year but memories are forever. Take time to sit outside tonight with a glass of something cool and listen to the calm of summer!

My Therapy

My art journal has been a place of refuge and insight this year. My word for the year was love...and this is what I have learned about myself. My purpose-to love and be loved. I find often I must accept the love given me-and love myself more. It is so easy for me to give love ,harder to recieve love,something I took form my chidhood-no bad reflection on my mother but she was a non cuddly mom and I imagine she learned that from her mom. But that has changed with me. It was hard to accept that I am lovable but My sweet husband has taught me differently. So on this Fathers day I honor him with changing my view on love. Thanks Babe...hugs kisses always and forever!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

No more Excuses!

The Path I must take!

Thinking today is as good a day as any to quit being so lethargic. Yes I had surgery but it was two months ago.It is time to get moving. All I have to do is remember how cooped up I felt when I was first home from the hospital. It was a daily struggle to just get around the kitchen island.Also- we have beautiful bike paths here and as I posted in January I got a new bike ...part of my resolution, So see ya later gator ..going on a bike ride. Perhaps down to Dolphin Head on the waters of Port Royal sound ..see below for pics of where my bike path ends, no excuses,just ride on!

Get your creativity on!

Book of days is amazing to be part of such a great more below..

Please come with me and have some fun journaling with a group of amazing women!      just one click and you will enter a sisterhood that is comforting and inspirational. I had been in a slump of buying lots and using none. This has restarted my muse, and now am in my art room daily!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Altered Tin of winged things

Lovely altered box going out to a swap friend on a yahoo group.
So happy summer is here,it is the time I love to create with the extra light in my studio after hours!This tim is filled with goodies for collaging. I have so much stuff it is always fun to share it.


Few things inspire me more than the soft whisper of the Lord in my heart...this week it was to do the work and leave the rest in his is all we can do. I want to always do my best because the world deserves that from a child of the Almighty. He is our source therefore we can do all things can we not? Preaching to myself today!

New Life.

New life.------------------This is in memory of all those who have passed in my life,remembering they have new life in Christ!  I used strips of pages from old books at the bottom and added words that remind me of the life altering effects of those with Alzheimers.As you may know that is what I do for a living. I am a program director of an Alzheimers Day center-also providing counseling for families of Dementia patients. Daily I see the devastating effects of this incurable disease,yet I still have hope,hope in a cure and hope in the Salvation I have in Christ. New Life.That gives me hope,I pray as you read this and if you are struggling you will know that there is hope in Him.