Friday, April 14, 2017


The Tomb was Empty
Mary wept. Seeking a corpse, she mistook Jesus for a common person. Many of us mistake Jesus as someone common, not the life-changing Son of God that He actually is. We all have things that we cry over, struggle with or feel stressed about. We may reach a deadlock, a dead-end, and feel as if there is no possible way out. Only when we reach the end of our fleshly strength will we be ready to listen to His voice. When you realize that you need God, need to know His resurrection power, be quiet, for you are likely to hear Him calling you. You can search for Him with all your might, but He can never be found in the strength of your flesh. He has changed! He has risen. He is known only in the Spirit now, and your flesh wars with the Spirit.

Christ “after the flesh” was crucified. Knowing Him in that way results in a corpse vainly searching for another corpse. Mary searched in her flesh and knew not the Resurrected Christ. When her tears were drained, and she was at the end of herself, she was ready to hear His voice. Are you still relying on your own strength and abilities? Are you seeking to know Jesus after the flesh? Give it up, lay aside who you think He is, humble yourself before Him, and ask to hear His voice. Only when you give up on the flesh is the Spirit ready to take over. And the Spirit delights in making Jesus Christ known to your heart!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

new works

pages from the journal 

owl on with intention 11x14
little owl is for sale 45.00 includes shipping!

be still

It is so hard for me to just be still.   I try so hard but even when my body is still my mind is gathering thoughts.   Things to do,think,try ....  Yet I am still struggling getting started with most of them   hmmmm I need a new battery. For sure! Or a day devoted to doing art. That is my intention for this Sunday coming up.... sit still paint draw smear make .

Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 what!!?????

well  it has been an eventful two months and a half. My job has changed considerably and we have moved to a new house. It has taken me all of that time to reconstruct,rearrange and refill my life and energy. Now I have a cold! Honestly it has been rough but change is never easy for me. Especially as I have had more trips around the sun. Here are a few new pages from the journal that did get done in the midst of my whirlwind