Sunday, July 22, 2007

monoprint quilt squares

This is for a swap on Art Techniques yahoo Group but since it was such a learning experience for me,I decided to post the instructions. The idea comes from the may/june issue of cloth, paper, scissors in an article by Kelli Perkins. Kudos to Kelli!
Step one:Brayer printers ink on to a piece of heavy plastic.( If you do not have printers ink,stazon will work)
Step two: Lay a piece of regular computer paper down and using light pressure pencil in your drawing.Flip the sheet over and you have your monoprint(one of a kind!) the images get lighter the more you do.
Step three: Begin to add paper pieces to your monoprint, I chose to do more of an applique look,cutting my pieces rather than using torn pieces.
Step four and five: Add Paper pieces to the background and finish with paint,stamps etc...

Your monoprint paper quilt is ready to be added to muslin and finshed with machine stiching! Final image coming soon! This was enough for one days work!!

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