Sunday, March 29, 2009

fish and abc's-ALteRed sTufF

"She had to be different or at least expressive, after all she was from the other side of the ocean!"This crazy beauty was done on wood and then, after this pic was taken, I added beads and a wire for hangng. She is only about 4 inches long.

" Now I know my abc's tell me what you think of me?! Seriously... if life were only this simple!" This was done on a 4x6 canvas,not my usual style but it was a very whimsical fun day!These two Sunday creations are headed out on a swap early tomorrow..Happy travels!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sisters in Christ!

Love to all my peeps out there! What a great weekend it was..hugs Cath

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekend at Ebenezer Retreat!

We all pile on the cart to get blessed even when we are broken! (Hopefully we won't break before we get there! ) The awesome Joanne G led us through many wonderful bible passages and we put our foot on the Rock that is higher than "US"! Go Lord God- Jehovah..keep us steady! We even had a late night visit from the infamous "Vern"(see pic below)-sister of Peg Y,so she says, fresh (and I mean fresh) from the Trailway bus station! HAH! The night owl cabin was hootin up a storm that night!!

Early the next morn all was calm....
Peace Reigns...

The path to blessing was secure, even when brokeness is there. My prayer..."Lead Me to the Rock that is higher than I. There is no stumbling stone that will get in my way, I will only pile them up as an altar of remembrance to Him!"Thanks Joanne and to the awesome woman of the Heart to Heart ministry of Grace Community Church, Hilton Head SC.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

flower girls are everywhere!

Sending a little comfort doll out on a swap, she is a tiny creation to remind the recipient that beautiful things are on there way when the winter season is over. Seasons do pass!

This is little paper doll knows she will be the prettiest little girl at the wedding.She is due to fly out of here in the am to a ccswap member.. ..It was fun to create these dolls and in the process I takes patience to make tiny clothes!!

Fun with Elmer

This is a great technique! Crackle finish with "Elmers" glue! It is so easy ..1.paint your surface with acrylic paint(Dark color)..let dry, 2.paint on a layer of glue (fairly light to medium) then 3.while the glue is still wet, paint on a medium coat of contrasting Light color acrylic paint, speed drying with heat tool (not too close!) .

Have fun and try different colors and different thicknesses of glue and contrasting paint to get a variety of looks!!