Friday, April 10, 2009

New blog look!

Well here it is the new look..comments anyone?? It will still need tweaking,of course, I can not help that is an obsession! I guess I am still being creative! A big thanks to the
Background fairies ..(lookup at the left corner and click to take a peek at what they can do for your blog!) Hugs Cathee


Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love the new look!

Mary Lynn said...

Your new blog design is lovely. I love the blue and brown color scheme. I'm sorry you lost your blog list. Is this new look a background or a template? I was thinking that you didn't "loose things" when changing backgrounds, and that only happened when changing templates.

chrissy said...

I LOVE it!!! In fact, I think I may use one of her background designs to spruce my blog up a little.

Mary S. Hunt said...

i like your new look...tho i am not remembering the old one

your cards are lovely!

LOVED the cabin y'all stayed in SC!!

lovely blog to visit!!! and i shall be coming back

Rena Sawatski said...

Love the new look Cathee. Also had to chuckle about your cat in the middle of your craft table in your previous posts.

Carol said...

A true artist is always changing things. I love everything you do.

Marilyn said...

Your blog looks terrific! I like the tut on the flower with the glitter glue. Your fish is also great.

Anneke said...

your blog looks very beautiful.
i have put a link also on my blog to you.
greetings from ann

Cindy Jones said...

Love Love Love it!! I look at my special card you made me daily :)

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