Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow girl

I like to think because I was working on this little snow girl that it snowed here today. You see I live in coastel SC where it NEVER snows... but I adore snow. I love the quiet it brings,the secure feeling of being in a snug house by a warm fire. The way a big snow stops the world. I know it brings trouble too, but so does an excess of anything. BUT TODAY ..I got to step outside in my little world and hear the silence a snow fall brings and that was amazing. Of course it doesn't stay; but I have my snow girl to remember!


Cyn said...

she is cute! Glad you got some snow..Send some to Arizona please!

Debra C said...

I got one just like her...thanks a bunch for her! She sits on my shelf in the living room...and may just stay there when summer arrives! :-)

Donna said...

I made some these, aren't they fun!!!

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