Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

THANKS FOR VISITING!!!! Continue on.....

As one of my fellow bloggers stated "I have lost track of who has visited my blog this week from the "where bloggers create event", SO thanks if you have visited and no worries...I am slowly making my way through the list also and enjoying each and every is to another year of watching and visiting the bloggers who love to create!!YOU ALL INSPIRE ME!

freebie for you to use

Friday, July 15, 2011

MY WORLD OF ART~ Where Bloggers create 2011

all about the C-CATHEE

motto for 2011


Frida my muse pillow!

little girl that i was and moms pearls

prayer angels guard my room

creation and muse

captured  PRIMA flowers favorite embellishment


creations from friends


ahhhhh my place of creating

my refuge

well read!

my favorite word!

love altered art books and feathery yarns

creative chaos ..a normal view of my desk!

add a granbaby and the world is perfect!
following in granmas footsteps!!!!
and finally a cat helper!

Monday, July 11, 2011

1000 gifts of love given down from above #1-10..

.....Today was an ordinary monday,but different`I have begun a challenge to see the divine in the dailys.... the ins and outs,overs and unders,louds and softs of life as I now live it out. This is the where I shall begin,a journey of one thousand moments ~
1.the pond still and calm
2.HIS word fresh and new ..yet firm and old,time worn and proven. loved coffee cup PERFECTION. 
3. worn watercolors~ shades blending
4.kind words given,a new friend & sister in Christ
5.behaving hair
6.sweet love sharing his heart
7.TREASURED salad dressing -green goddess- yum!
8.medicine that heals ,time that brings change
9.smells of warmth ,old books and paper.
10.granmas quilt taking the slight chill away.