Saturday, December 31, 2011

new years eve list of tados...

TADO LIST= things i am going tado in 2012
1.get a book on trees and learn about them
2.start and finish an art journal
3. submit my art to SS magazines
4. finish two things well
5. walk more
6. buy an old lady bike! picture to follow!
7. get my mamogram- (done and scheduled!)
8. stay calm
9. be present for others
10. keep my commitments
11. pray more
12. not live in guilt
13. eat less sugary stuff
14. buy better quality things- they do last longer
15. think twice berfore I say things
16 .not listen to my negative head talk
17. let go and be a watcher in others lives
18. try a new recipe once a month
19. give myself more breaks when i do not keep up with my list
20. LOVE-it is my word for the year- I want to learn all the Lord has for me about Love!
This is what I call an old lady bike!! I will post pics when I find just the right one and I WILL BE ON IT!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Vignettes

Sprout is ready for santa!

smells of Christmas are all through the house!

Grace is chillin out while Mom sips her chai tea.

The view of the big tree and yes the doors are open today! No snow but beauty abounds!

It really is a magnificent tree that Hubby chose this year,I can not stop taking photos of it.

Just a reflection of our house Christmas Eve and the thoughts in my heart...
The peace that passes understanding is very evident today. I am so blessed to live the life Christ was born to give. The best gift I have ever received was His eternal love and care of me. Christmas took on a whole new meaning for me when Christ's love entered my heart, and the only word to describe it is eternal peace. I am praying that all who read this post will feel the joy and peace of Christ tonight. For those who do not have peace tonight it is a whisper away, even in a heart that is aching.  Just tell Christ to come in and give you his heart of peace. Simple. That is the gift. Open it, receive it. It is yours. I am praying that tonight will bring a change for you and the peace that passes understanding will dwell in your heart forever.Blessings to all, and to all a good night.