Monday, April 2, 2012

NEWS of no's

WELL...since the 10th of march my life has had some changes...which has concluded in having an LAVH...for those of you that are not into medical jargon that is a nice way of saying a hyseterectomy! BUT it is all good, had alot of trouble from one medication before surgery( similar to ditropan), and that set me back in the MDD(Major depressive disorder) world that I fight so hard to stay out of..that was a rough rough patch..but 8 days later my meds came back nice and strong in the ole noggin and on to surgery which was smooth sailing thanks to an awe some GOD who hears the prayers of his chidren,a very good obgyn, Dr. ( Meredith Mitchell), and an amazing hospital staff at Beaufort Memorial Hospital here in SC. PHEW that was a long sentance to get out! I am now 6 days into recovery mode with three weeks off at work and alot of healing time in front of me. HUBBY is spoiling me very nicely and friends and family have been wonderful. All in all..I am a blessed woman! so..on to the art.....
Here are a few artsy things I have neglected to post since my big crisis!!
all about the No's...I am healing but it includes alot of no's but one nice big yes..RELAX and REST!

Tussy mussy going out to June Campbell from my yahoo group!!

THE really bad days do pass and patience truly is is going to be OK!

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Rena Sawatski said...

Cathee, your tussie mussie is gorgeous. June is a very lucky gal to receive it.

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