Thursday, July 19, 2012

Girl in the mirror

When I was younger and much more innocent-much like this portrayal-my deepest desire ws to be a fashion designer in NY and just live the LIFE! wow how life gets away from us one day at at time! But I am glad,because I am ME unique and crazy shaped by every experience I have. I am an artist -I do not live in NY but on a beautiful island in the south(go figure?) I have a marriage of 33 years and and a husband that knows the girl in the mirror( I was only 16 and fresh from NJ when I moved to the south and I caught his eye.) He knows my dreams and always supports my art. I am not a fashion designer -I take care of people affected with Dementia and Alzheimers- a tribute to a Father that took care of my  mother who at age 59 began having strange memory loss =dieing at age 70 from Alz. Would I change it? nope not for a minute -BUT I still think about that NY dream now an then..and I paint!!

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful journal page...and what a beautiful tribute to both of your parents, to take care of others who suffer as your mother did. What an honorable life to give back in that way.
Bless you for doing so.

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