Saturday, August 24, 2013

The mess and the creation!

Working on two commissioned pieces today and got messy with my bad self! It is the most fun to just get all the stuff out and gesso, rip, paint, stamp and glue with abandon! The two canvases are drying getting ready for stage two and the only thing without paint is my off to the shower.( The grandkids are coming over for the afternoon!!!)
 Hope you are getting messy is the only way you can use your stuff.


Stage one on canvas.

Clean feet! everything else is happily painty!!


2 peas in a pod said...

Hi Cathee, I love your blog am a new follower and I also have a blog, please check it out. I hope you remember me? I used to be part of the Hilton Head Stamp Club. Sure do miss everybody. Hugs

Unknown said...

I always love your work, Cathee. Bless you.

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