Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tracking my style...

My first attempt at portrait collage inspired by Misti Mawn and Kelli Rae Roberts'

2008 still have those eyes closed!

Below are a few years worth of glimpses from my journal pages as I found my style and worked out the details. What medium to use, what technique, what faces I did and did not like, trial trial trial and a lot of magazine and book lessons later...

trying different faces

 MY STYLE! begins to emerge...I love the look of a face that is not happy or sad but pondering, Love to do front profiles and tend to go to short hair. I am now using so many different mediums and have learned so much.

sold -private commission!

sold at show!

My latest post in my journal..still exploring 8 years later-2015!


Kathy said...

First of all I really like your style. I also think that this blog post is just priceless. Keeping track of the progress and remembering that you actually are making one is one of the ways to appreciate what you're doing and avoid giving up. Thank you for sharing!

Sherry said...

Fabulous pages, so arty x

Moon dreams