Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blog day 3

It is amazing to me that you can get as many opinions as you want until you get the one you want to hear. So instead of that I am going to just trust my gut. Or I should say my wisdom and my age and my relationship with God ,who after all really does know everything. Why do we surround ourselves with so many voices when we are trying to find an answer when quiet trust is what is needed? Don't answer that, remember I am going to start just listening to myself and the inner quiet voice that is my heart. I am starting a new page in my journal tonight and will continue to post her progress here for the next few nights.

new girl in the works-she is going to be authentique

Page in progress- the desk is messy and covered in paints just the way I like it!
authentique me with no make up on tonight! Have a creative day..

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