Saturday, August 24, 2013

The mess and the creation!

Working on two commissioned pieces today and got messy with my bad self! It is the most fun to just get all the stuff out and gesso, rip, paint, stamp and glue with abandon! The two canvases are drying getting ready for stage two and the only thing without paint is my off to the shower.( The grandkids are coming over for the afternoon!!!)
 Hope you are getting messy is the only way you can use your stuff.


Stage one on canvas.

Clean feet! everything else is happily painty!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

100 days of Tombow

Received these beautiful Tombow products with a challenge of creating and started having fun right away. Of course as you can see I am a huge Tombow fan. I have used them for over 15 years in my stampart projects and now use them in my art journaling. For the first time I am now using the creamy art pencils and am loving them. Decided to try them on Dark cardstock and LOVE the effect.. Take a peek....   OH and the (tape) Stamp runner is divine!

Tombow products-tape Stamp Runner, Dual Brush art markers and Irojiten color pencils vol 8 very pale tone

Love these products-high quality,great value

stamped in white on black
color with the Irojiten very pale shades
yummy tape runner from Tombow!

An art journal page in a flash that looks great!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blog day 3

It is amazing to me that you can get as many opinions as you want until you get the one you want to hear. So instead of that I am going to just trust my gut. Or I should say my wisdom and my age and my relationship with God ,who after all really does know everything. Why do we surround ourselves with so many voices when we are trying to find an answer when quiet trust is what is needed? Don't answer that, remember I am going to start just listening to myself and the inner quiet voice that is my heart. I am starting a new page in my journal tonight and will continue to post her progress here for the next few nights.

new girl in the works-she is going to be authentique

Page in progress- the desk is messy and covered in paints just the way I like it!
authentique me with no make up on tonight! Have a creative day..

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blog and schlog!

I love to make up fun words and be silly,even though I am in my wonderful 50ish years! This is the beginning of my blog along with Effy another amazing blogger shchlogger,,,Effy has been part of my on line life for three years now and has inspired me to CREATE and do it. I had been wanting to start an art journal for a very long time and joined her group BOD book of days,,,well! It was not only artsy fun but healing as well. I worked through some tough things in my life as i journaled and had to keep myself going because i felt responsible to my art sister hood on the BOD page. SO thanks Effy and all of you girls out there who keep me motivated....we shall begin a new season as we blog along together! HUGS and lets blog and schlog....