Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Sunday play!!

ATC with the peeled paint technique.
PHASE ONE:To give it a really great contrast I used a purple glaze paint, crackle medium was then applied (DRIED) then white acrylic paint...I did not wait the entire 30 min  for it to dry ...I SPEEDED IT UP!!! with my handy heat gun....FUN! It ages right in front of you like an alien on a startrek episode...:)

PHASE TWO: I stamped the flower on white tissue paper then lightly colored it and set it on the peeled paint background with gel medium..then added stamped saying same way and little bumblebee to finish it off.....BZZZZZZZZZZZ

White on white with a dab of color...used mulberry paper for texture and a small piece of white paper that was run through the cuddle bug..added white millenary and ...Voila!!!OH and GLITTER!

Little Sunday creations!

Birdie nature tags with a touch of blue...sprayed them with a Klear-kote shiny things today!

Card going out to a lovely swap friend...bye bye birdie!! PS.I love my new bird punch from my
stampin up local gal!Punched out a gazilion and now have them all sitting on my desk to be used when the whim hits alot!

Friday, June 25, 2010


SORRY blog sisters....Forgot to add photo of "me" to my creation so here I you can see when I am not creating I really love to hang out at the gym! HAH!

Welcome sorority sisters!

Please stay for a visit and have a cup of tea! It is so nice to have a friend visit, please drop a note in the comment box and say hello!

Hello Sorority sisters! TODAY is a DIAMOND!

Hello to all the sorority sisters who blog on by! Here is a freebie and my art work will be up shortly!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Join in the fun!

It is going to be a fun place to be! If you want to experience creative sister-hood in a new blog commmunity click on over!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

THE WINNER IS.............

Congratulations to Elizabeth over at "bluebeards and elizabeth's" blog

for winning my little crown creation, a perfect ending of a wonderful weekend of blog party fun! Thanks to all who came for a visit, come back often for more creative fun. A special thank you to all who left such nice comments...BLESSINGS to all!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thanks for visiting today!

To all who have posted a comment by midnight tonight: I will draw a name and send you this little blog candy....THANKS!

Good morning ,here are some morning pictures of my wonderful creative sanctuary!

My mornings start with a good cup of coffee .....then settling in my favorite cozy spot looking out at nature...Enjoy my morning with me..
then off to the studio where Sprout is usually waiting on mom to start crafting..
Sprout is always coming up with great ideas she picks out the fibers while I organize the project..she is SO helpful! :) Lots of ideas and embellishments are in every little container you can see...
Inspiration comes from swaps from Friends and beautiful embroidery work my mom did. My mom passed away very early in her life(70) from complications due to Alzheimer's disease...that is one of the reasons I am a program director of a respite care center for Alzhiemer's patients and their families.

Words are such important things to me ..I gather old books and cut out interesting sentences to put in my art work. Gathering is half the fun of our craft!
WEll Sprout is waiting so I am going to go create today and will post more this evening..have a great day visiting the wonderful sites at
See you later in the day!
Oh and leave a comment with a link to you and you may win what we create today!!!!...hmmmmmmmm looks like a crown of some sort:) Oh and please scroll down to see the rest of the studio pictures....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to where I create! Come stay awhile...

When I walk in my studio I feel like I have entered a place where peace and calm reign. My senses are stimulated by the sights, sounds,smells and touch of everything that surrounds me.
Candles burning,water fountain or soft music playing,warm lights,and soft fabrics calling me to come and settle in. Whether I am working on a major piece of art or a fun swap my worries cease, time is suspended and only Me and my room exists. I can leave it clean or messy, I can take a nap,read a book,work or just be. So come....enjoy the little views into my world!

I always take time to read a few of my favorite Mags!!

I love all of my little treasures that make me feel loved...

AND...Of course it is always good to give the outside world a cozy little warning to please do not disturb!

Hope you enjoyed this evenings picture...I will post more tomorrow! Hugs and happy Creating!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

LOVE this store and have used many of their images in my new ceations!

create create create..vintage couple and 5 x 5 seasons!

I can imagine him saying " I will show you all of the wonders of the world"

Sunday play

Got all my housework done by 2 and have been playing ever since! These two are especially nice and were very fun! I went outside my box for a whimsy look...

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Great stash of goodies today at my favorite thrift I must not hoard them but make them into something!We shall see wht they become over the next few weeks.I say weeks because I am really busy at my day job..and it is all good! Just wish I could work and not get tired! I have such big plans then come home and flop on couch or get on the computer...drained of all creativity.Weekends are spent with chores and realxing ..need to take an art reatreat in my own home and just dedicate one weekend to creating.The hard part is I live at the beach! ARGG I sound so whiney!!

Little somethin..

Played with cuddle bug !!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Bug

My sweet little man...JET.... I want to alaways have that smile in my mind and never think about another worry!
WOW how did we get to june already? i love june so much more than may...may just seems like it gives promises and june fulfills! i am in to alot of soul searching lately and have decided to blog my way through first task is to find out what i really like and get rid of what in my life is unneccesary..starting with worry. useless unproductive does me more harm than good and never solves a thing. so with that said i shall scour the www for some good thoughts on the subject and come up with a journal page just for you,,TATA,, tomorrow I will unveil my findings.